Gruppenausstellung Kunsthaus Langenthal

Kuration Eva-Maria Knüsel 
Szenografie Annatina Huwiler
Technik Brigitte Jost, Erwin Aktasli
KünstlerInnen Ludwig Berger, Nils Amadeus Lange & Mario Espinoza, Till Langschied, Anina Müller, Tina Omayemi Reden, Sarina Scheidegger & Jimena Croceri, Jennifer Merlyn Scherler, Julie Semoroz, Taiga Trigo, Martina-Sofie Wildberger

Vernissage 02.09.2023 | Ausstellung 03.09. - 19.11.2023 | Kunsthaus Langenthal 

Fotos Cedric Mussano

The group exhibition brings together artists who use voices as an artistic medium. The audio works, which were specifically created for the exhibition, engage with the power of the human voice to transcend medial, social, and societal boundaries, as well as to create intimacy, desire, and connection – in the form of collective singing, personal confession, experimental voice expression, and soft whispering, and by giving voice to marginalized people or nonhuman actors.